A Handy Tool for College Students to Start the Semester

I’m excited to share with you a handy tool for college students.

This was taught to me by a real live student (shout out to Harrison!). He is a sophomore in college and interned with me over the summer.
I LOVE this tool that he makes for himself, and I wanted to share it with you all — including a tweak or two that I’d make to it.

Check out the video, and then PLEASE forward it to any college students you know could benefit from this handy little one-page organizational tool.

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2 thoughts to “A Handy Tool for College Students to Start the Semester”

  1. I can never watch your videos. They simply do not load and play for me. It is the only one I have trouble with. I just thought I should share it with you. Ive checked things here and cant play them. Ill keep trying to trouble shoot.

  2. Thanks, Eric!! I’ve got my tech team working on it. I really appreciate you reaching out. In the meantime, enjoy them directly on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN8Ka_Ks9xo

    If you have any trouble watching it there, please let me know! That will help me troubleshoot. I’m glad you enjoy them enough to keep trying, though. 🙂

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