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Take this short quiz. How many apply to you?

  • I’m drowning in paper and my backpack is a disaster.
  • I forget to do / turn in homework and have the zeroes to prove it 
  • Studying doesn’t work -or- Wait. Study? What’s that?
  • I hate choosing between good grades and a personal life.
  • I’m scared I won’t get into a good college -or- I’ll drown when I get there
  • Writing essays drives me crazy
  • I procrastinate and have a hard time motivating myself.
  • I sincerely want to do better, but I just can’t figure out how
  • Other: ________________________________________

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“It’s nice to come to someone who’s not breathing down your neck.  Gretchen is very understanding and gives me methods that improve my grades.  She’s consistent and she’s always got something new to try.”

~ Wyatt, Age 16