What Every Student Should Know About How to Study…

And What Every Parent and Educator Should Know About how to Inspire Students to Study.

The Study Cycle 101

This free course is designed for educators curious about teaching their own students how to study more effectively.

However, if you are a parent or student, you are also welcome to participate in this free course to learn the basics of The Study Cycle!

The Study Cycle

Learn what the Study Cycle is so you can teach it to yourself or your students.

Incorporate It

Learn the main concept that makes the Study Cycle so effective & how to incorporate it with students.

Homework vs Study

The word “study” sucks, but when the student is in charge of how they learn, they actually learn more.

Live Masterclass

Twice a year I run a live Masterclass of the Study Cycle which includes a practice lab – join us!

The Three Steps

1) Encode
2) Retrieve & Assess
3) Encode in a New Way

Strategic Tools

Fill your teaching toolbox with 30+ strategies students can use to apply the Study Cycle to their real lives.

Case Studies

I’ve included many case studies that show you how students & educators are using the Study Cycle.

Next Steps

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Free Study Tips Every Wednesday Morning

Students, are you annoyed by the way your parents talk to you sometimes (or, who are we kidding, much of the time)?

I recently had a 7th-grade client make some specific requests for how he’d like his mom to talk to him about his homework. Listen in to hear all the details about what he requests.

Student Coaching

Do you have a student in need of academic coaching? Click here to apply to work directly with Gretchen or one of her trained Academic Life Coaches. All coaching is virtual!

Educator Training

If you’re an educator or parent who wants to become an Academic Life Coach or wants to learn how to grow their own business, click here to learn all about Gretchen’s training programs.

Ready to get started?

“My major takeaways are the Study Cycle and the organization of studying, which has always been a problem for me to get across to students. The routines you’ve given us — the Senses, the “Hone It Notes” procedures — have given me an organized process to give students. The other thing that I want to say is that I haven’t had a cohort like this since I was in grad school: people who I can bounce ideas off of, go to the Facebook group and say, “Hey guys! What about this?” I haven’t had that kind of collegiality in years. You have given us this enormous resource in each other.”

Adam Sanford

College Instructor & Academic Life Coach

“At first, I was embarrassed that I needed somebody to teach me how to get things done. But I found that I was learning techniques that I could apply to school and to life. I also found that coaching sessions relieved my stress because being aware of my commitments made me feel more in control.”


High School Junior