What Every Student Should Know About How to Study…

And What Every Educator Should Know About How to Inspire Students to Learn the Anti-Boring Way.

The Anti-Boring Learning Lab

The Anti-Boring Approach is rebranding. We are moving all our training materials to a brand new website. 

The NEW Anti-Boring Learning Lab is designed for educators obsessed with sharing the science-backed study skills and executive function strategies every student needs to thrive! Is that you?

The Science of Studying

Apply a simply formula based on neuroscience to ensure the content you’re learning sticks.

Academic Coaching 101

Learn the basics of how to connect with students more deeply, effectively, and inspirationally.

Homework vs Study

The word “study” sucks, but when the student is in charge of how they learn, they actually learn more.

Live Community Calls

Humans learn best in community! Join other high caliber educators as we figure out together how to help students thrive. 

Learning Styles are Dead

Use your senses to keep yourself interested and ensure you have learned info as deeply as possible. 

Strategic Tools

Fill your teaching toolbox with 30+ study skills and executive function strategies for students

Case Studies

I’ve included recordings of coaching sessions that model how to teach students these new academic skills.

Free Teaching & CoachingTips Every  Tuesday Morning

Every week we post a new video and blog entry that (1) teaches students a new study or executive function skill, and (2) ends with tips for educators about how to incorporate that skill into your teaching, tutoring, and coaching. 

Student Coaching

Do you have a student in need of academic coaching? Work with an Anti-Boring Certified Coach who has completed Gretchen’s Training Program. They are awesome! Click here for a complete list

Educator Training

If you’re an educator or parent who wants to become an Anti-Boring Certified Academic Coach or wants to learn how to grow your own business, click here to visit the new website and learn all about it.

Ready to get started?

“My major takeaways are the Study Cycle and the organization of studying, which has always been a problem for me to get across to students. The routines you’ve given us — the Senses, the “Hone It Notes” procedures — have given me an organized process to give students. The other thing that I want to say is that I haven’t had a cohort like this since I was in grad school: people who I can bounce ideas off of, go to the Facebook group and say, “Hey guys! What about this?” I haven’t had that kind of collegiality in years. You have given us this enormous resource in each other.”

Adam Sanford

College Instructor & Academic Life Coach

“At first, I was embarrassed that I needed somebody to teach me how to get things done. But I found that I was learning techniques that I could apply to school and to life. I also found that coaching sessions relieved my stress because being aware of my commitments made me feel more in control.”


High School Junior