It’s July already! I hope you’re enjoying the summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere and taking some well-deserved downtime for yourself.

In usual years, this is a month I take off entirely from my business. (This year, obviously, my sabbatical is a tiny bit longer!)

I get a lot of questions from folks in my Anti-boring Community about how I’m able to make that happen, and how do I manage the emotional challenges of running a coaching business. Maybe you’re wondering that, too?

Do you ever feel like your coaching business is running you? 

Maybe you always feel busy, stressed, and over(or under)whelmed by all that’s going on?

After all, didn’t we start our academic coaching businesses/side hustles because we wanted to create freedom and flexibility for ourselves?

So how did we end up here? (And I emphasize the “we” because you are so not alone in this!)

In today’s video, I’ll share four strategies and mindset shifts I’ve used that can help you take control of your business…so you can start living the life you envisioned for yourself. Click the image below to watch.

So, what do you think? Might some of these strategies work for you? Do you have other strategies you recommend? Hit reply and let me know!

Or maybe your struggle is more that you’ve you been thinking of starting or growing your coaching biz but you aren’t sure how? If that’s you, I’d love to offer you my free 7-day Crash Course where you’ll learn everything you need to start a thriving and sustainable coaching practice of your own. Sign up here and let’s make the most of this summer to get you and your biz moving!

Happy July, y’all! Make it yours!