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Courses for Students

The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying

Want to feel smarter and less stressed? Wish your grades were higher too? Want to feel successful at school, but realizing no-one ever taught you how? Until now! Learn all the tools you need to be a successful student, from time management and organization to note-taking and study techniques. Ideal for 5th grade through college.

“Turning the ‘Science of Learning’ into practical and useful study advice is not easy – but Gretchen has done it incredibly well, incredibly effectively, and in an incredibly engaging manner.” ~ Jared Cooney Horvath, Cognitive Neuroscientist

Courses for Educators

The Rock Your Coaching Toolkit

Have you noticed that, increasingly, students are struggling to keep up and take charge of their learning in an increasingly distracted world?  Would you like to learn a set of “student success skills” that boost students’ executive functions, and their academic confidence, too? The ROCK YOUR COACHING Toolkit bundles together all the anti-boring offerings for educators in one easy-to-access place. Build your expertise in how to teach concrete, research-based, brain-friendly strategies and habits that help students become engaged, independent learners.

“It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of classroom teaching, and this program helps me stay focused and feel rejuvenated. Everyone is enthusiastic and helpful, and learning alongside academic coaches reminds me that students are individuals, something that gets lost in the teacher training PD world. Learning about executive functions has helped me be more compassionate with students who struggle. On top of being energizing, the anti-boring strategies have helped me engage my students and get buy-in.” ~ Kar, K-8 French and Art Teacher, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically

Wanting more tools to help students become self-sufficient, motivated, competent learners? Looking for evidence-based strategies that motivate students to study effectively and manage their time efficiently? Equip yourself with the Anti-Boring™ toolbox! Get PD hours and/or graduate school credit. Ideal for teachers, tutors, academic coaches, and all educators in between.

“Your course was beyond learning styles, beyond the surface-level stuff we do in the classroom. Teaching young people how to actually study and to learn, and engage on their own, is something we teachers don’t always do. We should, but we don’t.” ~ Alison Grant, Teacher & Academic Coach

The Habits & Grades Tracker

Habit tracking is a powerful method of building new habits and making them stick. In my academic coaching practice, I have developed a unique approach to making habits visible that all my Anti-Boring Licensed coaches swear by.

In this mini-course, I teach you my process for using simple technology — a Google Spreadsheet — to track a students’ habits, grades, and progress during our academic coaching process. Designed specifically for academic coaches, this mini-course is also relevant to teachers who coach (like advisory teachers) as well as homeschooling parents. Includes templates you can copy and put into action.

“You’ve really created a concrete approach to helping students and you keep information in a single and accessible place. […] It really is a great accountability value add for us as coaches, especially since students miss details and parents don’t want to nag.”

Courses for Biz-Building

Should I Launch My Biz As An Academic Coach?

Curious about starting or growing your own biz as an academic life coach? Here’s a totally transparent discussion about what to consider as you test the waters of starting your own biz. In 10 emails over 10 days, you’ll learn how I run my biz, what to consider as you think about starting yours, and some stories from other brave souls who started their businesses.

“Gretchen is beyond generous with her free resources. I’m so grateful!” ~ Tami, who eventually joined the full Launch Your Biz program 

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Rock Your Biz

Training for Academic Coaches & New Biz Owners

Starting or growing your academic life coaching biz? Feeling overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start? Learn best practices and get simple, step-by-step instructions for how to attract clients, create sustainable marketing habits, and deliver solid and effective coaching to students. Ideal for new coaches building from the ground up, and experienced academic coaches curious about tweaking their biz practices. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we are migrating over to our new website, we have closed the Rock Your Biz program. It will reopen in January 2025 at the latest, and perhaps even sooner. Keep your eye on www.antiboringlearninglab.com for more information.

“Your self-study marketing course was beyond fantastic and has really helped me.  When I compare my knowledge to my classmates [in another coach training I’m in], and even other coaches I’ve met, I am so far ahead it’s crazy!” ~ Joy Gandell, Executive Function Life Coach