Have you ever found yourself wishing you just magically understood what you’re being taught in school?

I keep a magic wand on my desk. It’s fun and playful, but the magic I teach my students goes deeper than what a magic wand can accomplish. And, one of my students, who got her first A grade on a math test, said that when she was taking the test, it felt like she “just magically understood” what the test was asking.

Wanna’ get some of that magic for yourself? Check out today’s video and I’ll give you the secret that will get you there!

It’s only three-minutes and 21-seconds. Check it out here:

So, what class could use a little of this magic? What could you do to quiz yourself on the class material for just 5 minutes a day so you feel great taking your next test? If you try this, please share your results with me at officewiz@gretchenwegner.com–I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

And, remember, I’m doing a free, LIVE Q&A session every month and you’re invited to come and ask a question about YOUR situation. The next event is October 27 and you can sign up here. I’d love to help you make studying anti-boring and learning feel more magical!

Your friendly Anti-Boring Study Wizard,

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