Overview of The FREE Course

Welcome! I’m SO GLAD you’re here!! If you clicked on that last button, you must be interested in figuring out how to study better. If you’re a student, welcome! If you’re a parent, welcome! If you’re an educator, welcome!!

This course is for everyone who suspects that there MUST BE A BETTER WAY to learn more information and raise grades with less stress and agony.

This free course has 5 Different lessons. I recommend that you work through each in order. However, if you’re impatient and just wanna cut to the chase (“Teach me the Study Cycle already!!”) you can do it in any order. It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure.

Lesson 1: Why Don’t Students Study Effectively

  • The biggest reason students don’t study well (hint: it’s not because they’re “lazy”)
  • The story of how my teen clients helped me create a new model for studying
  • How I define the word “study” and the 3 keys to studying “strategically”

Lesson 2: Introducing the 3-Step Study Cycle

  • Meet a student whose test scores went up by a letter grade after applying the Study Cycle
  • Learn the three most important actions you can take to study successfully
  • If you want it even simpler, discover the single most effective study technique there is

Lesson 3: Going Deeper with the Study Cycle

  • Exact strategies for  how to encode and retrieve info so you’re 100% ready for the test
  • What time management and organization habits have to do with acing your tests
  • The six anti-boring toolkits every student needs to get into, and persist, through college 

Lesson 4: Advice for Parents About What (Not) to Say About Studying

  • Two words to stop using immediately when talking to teens about studying
  • Powerful questions to ask instead, that ramp up (rather than wreck) learning
  • 5+ do’s and don’t about how to talk to teens about grades, etc

Lesson 5: Instructions for Educators About How to Teach the Study Cycle

  • The secret behind how to teach the Study Cycle in under 10 minutes 
  • Seven qualities of an effective “mini-lecture”
  • Common problems (and solutions!) when teaching the Study Cycle for the first time.

Gretchen Wegner


Gretchen Wegner is an Academic Life Coach who inspires students to uncover their true identities as capable, clever, and creative learners in school and life. She is an internationally recognized expert in how to destressify school by building their executive function skills, teaching teens a unique system for time management, organization and studying called The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™. 

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