Did you see my earlier video where I started digging into what I mean when I say my study tool kit is anti-boring? (If not, you can find it here….) Were you intrigued?

If you were–and maybe even if you weren’t!–I think you’ll be even more interested in this week’s video where I start to look at the oppression that might be happening in our educational systems!

What?! An academic life coach talking about oppression in our school and home learning environments? Yes, for real….

Check out the five-minute and 30-second video here:

What do you think about the connection I’m drawing between boredom and oppression? Does it ring true for you, or am I totally off-base? Do you have another idea about what boredom is or where it comes from?

I’d so love to hear your thoughts on this! Send me an email at officewiz@grethenwegner.com and let me know.

Your anti-boring, anti-oppression ally,

P.S. Are you a parent or educator who’d like to use less oppressive and less boring language with your students? Get the free download of The Consent Burger…it will change the way you teach forever!