Do you have words in your life that you use all the time…and then, one day, you stop to ask yourself what that word actually means? You think you know, but is there more to it?

That’s what’s happened for me and the word Anti-Boring! I’ve been using that word to describe what I do and my approach to studying for seven years…but how did I choose it, and do I really know all of its meanings?

Check out this four-minute and 12-second video to hear a bit about how I came to be showing up in your inbox as the Anti-Boring Academic Life Coach here:

So before we get too deep into unpacking what anti-boring means, tell me what you think it means and what significance it has for you! Send me an email and let me know…I’m so curious to hear your thoughts.

Happy Summer, y’all! I’ll see you next week when I start to really dig into this with you.

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