Can you change the world one pair of sweatpants at a time?

You can if you’re passionate about it!

Recently one of my students was able to change the dress code at her school…and it taught her something super important.
Watch this four minute and three second video to find out how she changed her world, what it taught her, and the three steps YOU can take to change YOUR world!

Check it out here:

What problem are you passionate about? Are you ready to start building your advocacy muscle?

Send me an email and let me know what you’re inspired to change and how you plan to do it! Or, if you’ve had a similar experience to that of my client, I’d love to hear the details of what you did and what you learned.

Your biggest change-the-world cheerleader,

Ready to take control of your own learning? Here’s where you can find the free Study Cycle 101 course I mentioned in the video. In this super short course, you might find the key you need to change your world forever!