My Top Two Failures of 2018

The New Year — a time when we often think about successes and achievements. Instead, I’ve been thinking about failure. Mine in particular.

Last year (like every year) I made a bunch of mistakes! It’s tempting to gloss over all the ways I effed up in 2018 by making the traditional New Year’s list of successes and achievements from the past year.

More and more, lately, I find myself tired of those lists, of reading people’s curated successes without the balance of their difficulties. Maybe you’re tired of those lists too? I thought it might be more fun to talk about my mistakes instead.

Perhaps I’m just selfish and/or too sensitive, but when I see others’ successes I most often think “I guess I don’t measure up.” However, when I read their failures — especially when they also reflect deeply about what they learned from their failures — I feel empowered. Isn’t that odd?

Anyway — because I’m also celebrating mistake-making in my upcoming free masterclass for educators (and parents!) — it seems fun to reflect today on my two biggest mistakes of 2018.

In this video I share:

  • What I mean by “mistake”
  • The two biggest mistakes I made in 2018
  • What the horrific consequences were (one financial, the other health),
  • What I learned from the experiences that will transform my future choices, and
  • Why this kind of mistake-friendly reflecting is IMPERATIVE for teachers and parents to model for students.

Take a watch:

What mistakes did YOU make last year? What were the consequences? What did you learn? Hit reply and practice doing this kind of reflecting now. I’d love to know, and I promise I’ll reply.

To join me in a discussion about how to create mistake-friendly environments in our classrooms, coaching sessions and homes, click here to sign up for next week’s Masterclass.

One thought to “My Top Two Failures of 2018”

  1. That’s great (not the migraine) what you learned from your mistakes. Often the real lessons are not always as clear. I made a huge blunder last year and I’m still not sure where end results will be. I teach adjunct at a community college and when picking my courses for the Fall 2018, last April, I entered my availability backwards. Instead of posting when I was available, I posted when I wasn’t. Thus the one class I was assigned didn’t fit my schedule. Fortunately, when I explained my situation to the dept. chair, he helped me scramble to find classes to fit my schedule. I ended up teaching on a campus I don’t normally teach at and didn’t get the types of courses I wanted. I did learn that the campus wasn’t near as hard to get o as I had remembered. I also met some incredible students that I wouldn’t have otherwise and got to teach in a newly completed computer accelerator lab. Time will tell how I or my students were affected by the relationships. I also learned to slow down and double check before submitting my preferences.
    Thank you for sharing. My take away is that we all make mistakes but what’s important is what we learn from them.

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