Do you ever find that you run out of time to complete your assignments?

I have a client in college who ended up having to rush to try and complete an assignment because he hadn’t planned it out. Calendars are super important for helping you to plan out your homework assignments, especially the big projects. Don’t believe me, check out this weeks video to see why calendars can save you from disaster.

Hey there, don’t have time for the full video? No worries, I’ve got your back, here’s a short summary:

So, I have a client that’s in college, and we’ve been working together for a few weeks. He was assigned a research paper at the start of the semester, which is due October 16th – and I’m recording this October 3rd. Every week I prodded him saying, “you need to start looking for sources. Why don’t you go to the library and come to the next session with some sources?” and every week he hasn’t done it. So this week, I asked him about it again and he said, “I still have time, the draft isn’t due until the 16th.” So I had him pull up his google calendar (a great online calendar tool). Then I asked him to mark the due date on his calendar. That gives him less than 2 weeks to complete this research project. Next, I asked him, if you’re going to have this turned in the 16th, when do you need to have all your research and outline done? He said, the 12th and marked it. Finally, I asked him if you’re going to have all your research and outline done by the 12th, when do you need to have all your sources? He said, the 6th. Once we had marked this all out, he said, “Oh my god, this is all sooner than I thought.”

It wasn’t until we made time visible by putting these items all out on the calendar, that he was able to really grasp how little time he had left to complete this project. So I STRONGLY recommend that you have a method of visibly seeing time and keeping track of when things are due compared to your current date.

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