Why Teens Should Stop Being Afraid of Librarians

Why are so many students hesitant to talk to Librarians?

Have you (or a teen you know) ever had a burning research question but been afraid to talk to a librarian? So many of my clients would prefer to spend hours alone googling for resources than spend 20 minutes with a knowledgeable librarian.

However, librarians are there to help and they love to answer questions. Research is definitely in their wheelhouse!  In this video, I share a few fun and creative ideas for helping students overcome their reluctance to ask for help. Getting past this minor roadblock will definitely benefit students in the future when more complicated research is needed for lengthy high school and college essays.

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One thought to “Why Teens Should Stop Being Afraid of Librarians”

  1. It’s a pity librarians are perceived as being hush hush. Especially when the nature of libraries has changed so much in the past 40 years. I just met the Oakland Historical Room Librarian, sorry didn’t catch her name. but what a wonderful woman. African American, calm and passionate about everything Oakland and Maps, oh my goodness loves the maps. Meet her, your life will never be the dame.

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