How to Have Meaningful College Visits in the Summer

How to Have Meaningful College Visits in the SummerJust because it’s summer and students aren’t on campus doesn’t mean that you can’t have a rich, meaningful college visit.

In fact, summer is one of the most practical times for families to visit colleges around the country, as a part of their summer vacations.

So, how do you make sure that you glean as much information as possible when you’re walking around a campus that’s not humming with students?

In this episode Megan and Gretchen break down the following:

  • the four biggest benefits of visiting colleges during the summer (as opposed to the school year)
  • surprising questions that people often don’t think to ask, that can help you find out whether this is the school for you, and
  • some examples from a recent summer visit Megan took to Texas Women’s University to help amplify her points.

Here’s An Easy Fix to a Teen Calendaring Problem

Time management and organization are vital pieces for successful study habits and grades.

All too often, students do not have their cell phones or calendars attached to their laptops. In this video, I offer a simple way to connect and see the “big picture” of what needs to be done each week.

I am hoping everyone can benefit from this helpful tip!

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Memorizing Definitions: A Client Success Story!

Memorizing definitions accurately can be a real challenge for students. Not to mention booooring!

Here’s an “anti-boring approach” success story from a client who used what I call my “formula technique” to learn and memorize some complex definitions in a higher level class.  When I checked in with him at the end of the school year, he credited this technique for transforming his ability to be prepared for tests.

Check it out and let me know if it would work for you, too!


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Will This Tip Help You Control Your Impulses?

Alas! Grab the popcorn because the third, and final, video to my motivational series is here! 
The teenage brain is wired to have difficulty controlling impulses, which is my getting motivated to do school work can be so hard. 

Check out some brain science I shared with my client that helped him come up with a fun anti-procrastination experiment.

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Motivation Tip #2 — Know Where You Want to Go (Easier Said Than Done)

Last week I shared 5 different ways to tackle motivation with teens. This week we’ll look at one of them in more depth — the importance of figuring out where you want to go.

Goal setting is easier said than done, however, which is why many teens get tripped up with it. Watch the video to hear how a client and I did some troubleshooting around goals.

Tune in next week to hear my third and final tip on how to stay motivated. In the meantime click here for more awesome tips!

5 Ways to Tackle the “Motivation” Question

Do you (or any kids you know) struggle to get motivated about school? Chances are the answer is “Yes!”

Lack of motivation is a common complaint amongst the teens with whom I work. Here is how one of my high school juniors and I tackled the motivation question when he found himself struggling a few months ago.

Stay tuned next week for the next part of the motivational series. In the meantime, if you’re itching for more tips check this out.

3 Surprising Ways to Turn Your Math Grade Around

I know that summer is here for most students math is the last thing you might want to think of. However, I couldn’t wait to share this trick!

The other day, I was talking with a client of mine who has been struggling in her math class. Trying to decide if she needed a tutor or not, we came up with some ways that might help her turn her grade around, and they worked!! Check out what we came up with:

What experiences do you have with coming up with creative solutions for turning your grades around? I’d love to hear. Also, check out this cool link that’ll give you more surprisingly awesome ways to be a great student!

Have More Fun AND Get Prepped for College This Summer

With June here, you know what’s right around the corner? SUMMER VACATION!! 

A couple months ago I was talking to a client of mine — a junior in high school — about how he can have fun this summer AND do some activities that will be great on his college resume. We hit upon a PERFECT solution for him — I watched his eyes light up as we found an awesome summer experience.

Check out the video to find out what we came up with, and how you (or a teen you love) can create the same kick ass summer experience for themselves. 

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What Every Struggling Student Needs to Hear

Recently a young woman about to graduate from college called me desperate:
“I’m such a mess! I’ve almost failed out of school several times! I’m thankfully about to graduate, but now I’m scared that I’m too much of a disaster organizationally to live in the real world.”

I told her one sentence — the sentence that I tell all my new clients — and I could just hear the relief in her voice. EVERYONE needs to hear these words of reassurance, but especially students who struggle with learning differences.

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How to Get More Attention From Your Teacher

Do you sometimes feel you’re being ignored by your teacher? Or maybe you go to a study hall and you leave feeling you didn’t get enough attention?

If you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not getting the attention you need, perhaps this “no duh!” tip will help fix that problem (it totally did for my junior-in-high school client).


A Simple Tech Skill That Every Student Needs

How are your spreadsheet skills? As good as THIS 16 year old teen?

One of my daily delights includes teaching teens tiny technology skills (like how to create formulas in spreadsheets) and watching them do AMAZING things with their new knowledge. Check out how a client recently applied his new-found skill to a school project.

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How to Stop Being Late to Class

We all know that we shouldn’t be late to class or to work, but it’s a bad habit for many of us!
Harrison, a college student I recently befriended, sat down with me to brainstorm some ways to help YOU stop being late to class.

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Please Stop Doing This NOW!!

YOU! Yes, YOU! Stop making this mistake NOW!
So many of my clients try hard to be “normal” students. This often results, though, in a lot of pain and agony because they’re forcing themselves to go against the natural inclinations of their unique brains.
Do you identify with trying to force yourself to be someone you’re not, at work or school?

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Why It’s OK Students Don’t Always Follow Their Plans

Do you ever make a plan, but then struggle to follow through?
This is one reason my teen clients give for why they don’t want to plan in the first place: “I don’t want to disappoint myself by making a plan I won’t follow,” they say.

Plans are meant to be made, I say, but not always followed! Click the picture below to see why it’s ok to cut yourself some slack sometimes:

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.41.58 AM