Education has the power to change the world for the better but if we aren’t careful, it can also perpetuate unhealthy power dynamics that are inherent in many forms of traditional education. 

Today, I’m joined by the fabulous Susannah Cole, an Anti-Boring Licensed ADHD Coach and co-author of “Flexible Mindsets in Schools: Channelling Brain Power for Critical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving and Creativity” as we interview Sophie Christophy all about consent-based education. 

Sophie Christophy is a culture transformer, feminist, unschooling parent, and activist. She works on deconstructing patriarchy from childhood socialization in education and family culture, and in organizational culture, by creating a shift to principles of consent and self-direction. 

In this jam-packed episode, we’ll deep dive into student, parent, and teacher relationships and power versus consent. 

So grab your favorite cuppa and click the image below to join us for this aha-moment-inspiring conversation!

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We also encourage you to explore Sophie’s fascinating work around consent. 

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