Being a life-long learner is an almost sure-fire method to insure one leads an adventurous life. In today’s video, I introduce you to Lisa, who is certainly a life-long learner!

In fact, it was her love of learning–and her love of sharing what she’s learned–that brought her into my world in the first place several years ago. At the time, Lisa was a mom who was interested in learning how to learn effectively, and then wanted to share that with her kids. It was only later that she realized she could also use her love of learning and teaching to also become a coach for other people’s kids.

I hope you’ll join me for this conversation that ranges from building a powerful mindset to finding your special sauce to coaching as a spiritual path. At 35 minutes and 17 seconds, this is another of our lengthier videos, but I think you’ll love it! 

Check it out here:

If you’re short on time, jump into one of these juicy moments:

  • 0:00 Meet Lisa from my Circle of Anti-Boring Approach Licensed Coaches 
  • 01:53 Why the Study Cycle attracted Lisa 0
  • 3:09 Lisa started as a Mom wanting to help her own kids 
  • 05:18 When Lisa thought about becoming a coach 
  • 07:39 Lisa’s presence in the Rock Your Biz call 
  • 09:10 The reality of starting a biz 
  • 11:37 Comparison is the thief of Joy! 
  • 12:55 Lisa’s “special sauce” as a coach 
  • 15:25 Coaching as a spiritual path 
  • 18:14 Self-care tips for new coaches & biz-builders 
  • 21:00 Why Lisa prioritizes coming to community calls 
  • 23:00 Lisa on the “life coaching” aspects of academic life coaching 
  • 25:00 Lisa’s advice if you’re considering becoming a coach 
  • 30:18 Empathy Map, Sketch-notes, Hone It Notes – making the abstract concrete 
  • 33:19 Lisa’s cool & quirky interests?

Got questions? Send me a note and let me know!

Enjoy your sliiiide into summer!


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