Sometimes teachers and academic coaches are on the front lines of student mental health. And the sad truth is, the last two years have seen an increase in mental health issues for both students and teachers, and it’s putting a strain on everyone.

In today’s video, I talk with Erin Wilson Tempest, an Executive Function coach in the Circle of Anti-Boring Approach Licensed Coaches, about her immersive “wrap-around” coaching model and how it has enabled her to help two students and their families through very challenging circumstances.

Erin is a little unusual in that she came to me as a coach with an already thriving business that she had built very quickly…it was so successful, in fact, that she was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by it and needed help to make it more sustainable. So in this video we also discuss the unique gifts Erin brings to the Anti-Boring Educators’ Club, and the collaboration she and I are building as she now asks me to train the coaches she hires for her team.

Please note, this video contains conversation about self-harm and suicidal ideation, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Erin offers resources, including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255, where you can talk or online chat with someone, and advice for parents who may fear their child is considering suicide.

Here’s a list of the big topics we cover and timestamps for each if you’d like to jump forward in the conversation.

  • 0:15 Meet Erin, former nanny & teacher turned Academic Life Coach
  • 1:03 Experiences Erin has had with students struggling with mental health issues
  • 3:17 Erin’s specific model of immersive “wrap-around” coaching 
  • 6:55 How the the Anti-Boring Approach Community has supported Erin during times of crisis
  • 9:15 One student’s struggle and an amazing turn of events
  • 15:58 TOOLS FOR HELP
  • 23:20 The line between being a therapist & a coach
  • 26:18 Erin talks about being an empath and starting a business
  • 30:10 Erin hires Anti-Boring Approach trained coaches
  • 31:36 How Erin has been of service to the Anti-Boring Approach Community
  • 36:17 Erin’s tips for making the most of the Anti-Boring Approach Tools & Community
  • 39:55 Training on building authentic relationships
  • 41:10 Erin’s brand of weird

The video is a long one at 43 minutes and 26 seconds, but I think you’ll appreciate the conversation.

We cover a lot of ground in this video, so if it leaves you with questions for me or Erin about helping students and families in crisis, creating a community of support for yourself, or building a business that fits you and your needs, hit reply and let us know. 

And if you’re struggling emotionally, whether you are a student or adult, please ask for help! As Erin points out in this video, you matter and you are not alone.

Big hug,