Are you a classroom teacher looking to increase student engagement? 

Has the COVID craziness burned you out and now you need a jolt of inspiration?

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I was BLOWN AWAY by what this classroom teacher told me about how significantly the Anti-Boring Toolkit has improved her teaching practice. 

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Kar is a French, Math, and Art teacher in Ontario, Canada. She’s also a member of the Anti-Boring Educators’ Club at the ROCK YOUR COACHING level of membership. 

I invited her to reflect with me about how she teaches the Anti-Boring Toolkit in her classroom, and wowser did I learn a LOT.

What was most surprising to me, but I guess shouldn’t have been, is how learning the Anti-Boring Toolkit taught her how to differentiate her curriculum. 

“But how?!” I asked. “I don’t directly teach differentiation for teachers.” 

“Because I learned the brain science behind learning,” she answered. “When you understand the brain science, you can’t help but restructure your teaching towards differentiation. And then the kids can’t help but be more engaged.”

Check out exactly how she uses the Anti-Boring Mini-Lectures with her students:

Inspired?  ROCK YOUR COACHING may be YOUR summer PD. Kar said that it was actually the most fun and engaging professional development she’s ever done, and it didn’t even seem like “work.”  

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I’m excited to support you!