It’s April and, if you’re a student, chances are the pressures on you are really starting to build. The question is, do you feel well prepared to manage the stress that comes with this time in the semester…or do you have a growing sense of emergency?

If it’s the latter, you aren’t alone!

Check out today’s five-minute and 38-second video about the two kinds of students I tend to see at this time of year…which one are you?

The web helps us find not only friends, but also love. However, online dating has its own rules and secrets. We found out how kim kardashian perfume to properly get acquainted and communicate online, and psychologist Anna Litvinchuk told us why it is better to use social networks for online dating.

Watch the video here:

Regardless of which kind of student you are, what do you need to carry you through the end of the semester? 

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Remember to be kind to yourself this month! There’s a lot going on, but your mental and emotional health are top priority.

Wishing you a thriving week!