I’ve been teaching my Anti-Boring Approach Toolkit for many years now…and it’s fascinating to me that I’m still learning about how powerful the tools in there are! They really do go beyond being tools for students in formal education settings to being “living your life tools.” (If you’re a student learning them now, think how valuable they’re going to be for you for the rest of your life!)

Recently, an example of this showed up at my monthly, live, office hours event where I answer questions from students, parents, and educators about study skills, as well as questions from educators about becoming and being an academic coach.

Wanna’ know which tool will help students know when to start studying for final exams AND tell an educator when to start creating an academic coaching biz?

Check out this five-minute and 13-second video!

Do you see how learning this one skill helps both a student and an educator?

What project in your life could use a little backwards planning right now?

And if you know my toolkit, what’s another tool in there that can be brought out of the study arena into the living life arena? I’d love to hear YOUR examples of this! Drop me an email and let me know!

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Whew! That’s a lotta’ resources! I hope you found something helpful in there. Need something else? Hit reply and tell me what it is!

Happy backwards planning, y’all!

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