Do you need a January Reset? I sure do, and I’m noticing a lot of people around me do, too. It’s okay if you’re not fully into the swing of things in the new year yet and are feeling the need to create more space and gentleness for yourself.

If you’d like to hear three things I’m doing to create my own reset, watch today’s video. It’s five-minutes and nine-seconds long and you can watch it here: 


Would any of the three suggestions I make help you feel lighter, clearer, or in alignment with your true goals?

Would any of them help you feel more focused?

Which activities are you in the habit of doing that might not be serving you as well as you’d like? Can you stop doing those things or perhaps experiment with replacing them with different activities that might get you closer to where you actually want to be?

I’d love to hear what you need to remove or add to your life to get the January Reset you most need! Send me a message and let me know what you’re doing.

And, please, if you’d like some company in creating your January Reset, join me at tonight’s Live Q&A Community Event! I’d love the opportunity to help you have a better new year. You can send me your question here (or sign up and just come listen to everyone else’s questions!) and I’ll answer it during the event and send you a replay afterward. 

Wishing you whatever you need right now and sending love!


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