How are you doing this January? If you’re having a bit of a hard time, you aren’t alone. My own mood and productivity have taken a dip this month, too.

So much so, I made you a video about it. If you’re curious about what’s going on for me and one of the small solutions I’ve used this month to get through some challenging work–even when I didn’t want to–watch this short video. It’s only four-minutes and 28-seconds, and it might give you some inspiration for managing whatever challenges you may be facing.

Watch the video here:

So do your best to reach the object of your attention. Your appearance, posture, facial expression, gestures – everything matters and should be subjected to close critical attention. By changing some details of your image, you will begin to like yourself more, your self-esteem will increase, and your confidence will triple. Confident people attract like magnets, they are sought after, they want to be friends, you can become one.

How does the statement “We can do hard things” make you feel? Do you have the community you need to do the hard things in your life? If not, what kind of support would be helpful? Do you need an academic coach? You can find one here. Do you need to set up some co-working sessions of your own with a friend or colleague?

Do you need the support of other educators learning and growing in community? If so, you can learn more about my Anti-Boring Educators community and programs here

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No matter what’s going on for you, reach out to someone for support. Remember, we can do hard things.

Wishing you whatever you need right now,

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