Do you have a flexible mindset?

I promise, whether you are a student, parent, or educator, you’ll want one! Learning is a life-long endeavor, and having a flexible mindset can help you take charge of your own learning and make learning more fun.

So, are you asking yourself, what is a flexible mindset and how do I get one?

Woohoo! Asking questions is a sign of a flexible mindset, and a great way to build one. Want to know more?

Meet my guest, Susannah Cole. She’s the co-author of a brand-new book called Flexible Mindsets in School: Channelling Brain Power for Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, and Creativity. She’s also an Anti-Boring Approach Coach and she’s joining me in today’s video to give you tips on creating a flexible mindset.

The video is a few minutes longer than most, but I think you’ll want to hear what Susannah has to say.

Watch the 10-minute and 37-second video here to learn what a flexible mindset is, how to get one, and why you want one:

Are you intrigued?

I hope you’ll check out Susannah’s book and put it to use for yourself, your family, or your classroom. And if you love it, please leave a review on Amazon to let other learners and educators know what you appreciate about it.

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Let’s get flexible!

P.S. Don’t let the word “schools” throw you. Susannah’s book has information you can use as a learner, regardless of whether you’re in school, out of school, or an educator. You can take a virtual look inside the book here to get a better idea what’s inside!