Did you catch my video last week where I talked about the theme for November? For some of us who have finals after the holiday break, it’s the semester slog, while for others, it’s the home stretch as the semester is coming to a close. And for some of us, November is a time of total panic.

No doubt you’ve experienced total panic at some point or another, so whether you’re in it now or just need to know what to do the next time it shows up, I made a video with some helpful strategies.

Wanna’ know what I suggest and how the heck the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” rule that applies to physical fires also applies to emotional and mental ones? Check out this six-minute and 52-second video. (It’s a bit longer than my usual video, but I think it’s worth the investment!)

Watch here:

What do you think? Is my Stop, Drop, and Roll framework for panic something you might try? Which do you think will be more helpful for you: the suggestions for what to do with your body or the ones for what to do with your mind? Or, do you think the combination of the two is what will really help you move the needle?

If you’re a student, practicing this technique can help you move out of freeze mode, so you can take meaningful actions that will help you shift your situation.

And, if you’re a parent or educator, helping yourself out of panic does double duty because it will also help the young people in your lives feel calmer, too! It’s a win for everyone 🙂

So, please try these suggestions, and don’t forget to download my brand-new free gift, The Anti-boring Approach to Nervous Sytem Regulation, which will explain all of this in more detail. Get the free gift here!

And, if you’d like to ask me more questions about this, you can send me an email at gretchen@gretchenwegner.com and also sign up for my next Live, monthly event here.

Wishing you panic-free days!

Gretchen “Stop, Drop, & Roll” Wegner

P.S. Wanna’ know more about how the state of your nervous system interacts with the states of those around you and why panic, or calm, is contagious? Grab The Anti-boring Approach to Nervous Sytem Regulation for free now!