Hey, there! So, how are you?

If you’re freaking out, you’re not alone! It’s November and everyone’s freaking out. But we aren’t all freaking out for the same reason or in the same ways.

In my experience, there are three kinds of freak-outs happening this month, each one for a different reason, and each one requiring a different remedy. Wanna’ find out which kind of freak out you’re having and what I think might help?

Watch this three-minute and five-second video:

If you’re a student or a parent, do you fall into one of those categories? If so, can you brainstorm some ideas for how you might calm your freak out and survive the rest of the semester?

And if you’re an educator or a biz builder, do you find yourself in one of those categories or are you experiencing something different?

No matter who you are or what category you’re in, I’d love to offer you my support at my monthly Live event next Tuesday (NOTE: we usually meet on a Wednesday). Go here to tell me about your situation and ask your question. If you can’t attend live–no worries! I’ll send you a replay as soon as the event ends and you’ll find your answer there.

Let’s all get through this together, shall we?

Your friendly freak-out whisperer,

P.S. Think your situation is so unique I can’t possibly help you? Put me to the test! Sign up here and let me know what’s going on.