Ever feel like success just takes waaay too darn long?

You’re not alone! And you’re not wrong—success can take a seemingly long time.

That’s what today’s video is all about. I tell you three stories about “slow success” — one about a student with ADHD who is now rockin’ school with straight A’s, one about a coach whose academic coaching business kept getting slowed down by life events, and one about my braces! Yes, I now have top braces, too :-/


Catch the stories here in this six-minute and 11-second video:

Do you identify with any of those stories? What is something you’ve been working toward that seems to be taking much longer than you’d like? Are there small sucesses or instances of forward movement that you can focus on to keep yourself motivated? What can you do to celebrate each of those tiny wins? What kind words can you say to yourself when things seem to be going in the wrong direction or you feel stuck?

Learning to celebrate any progress—no matter how small—and to show yourself compassion when things are moving slowly will pay off massively throughout your life. How can you start practicing these skills now?

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I look forward to hearing your questions, celebrations, and success stories. Leave me a comment and lay ’em on me!

Gretchen “Slow Success” Wegner

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