We sometimes forget that when we learn effective study and time-management skills, those things can help us throughout our lives–not just in school.

Today’s video is about exactly that–how one student was able to use his note-taking skills outside of school in managing a health issue and how his parents were able to give him the space he needed to step into a more active role.

So, wanna’ see a real life example of how study skills can save lives? Check out this four-minute and 48-second video!

Watch it here:

If you’re a student, what areas of your life do you think might benefit from improving your study and time-management skills? Might there be advantages you can’t foresee?

And if you’re a parent or teacher, how might learning more effective coaching strategies help you better support the young people in your lives?

Another thing this example demonstrates is how gaining confidence and feeling empowered in one area of your life can influence other areas of your life. The student’s confidence around note-taking helped him feel emboldened to step-up in managing his health, and his mom’s confidence in supporting her son increased her confidence that she could support students taking difficult classes. When we flourish in one area, we flourish in many!

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