Did you choose to read this post because of that crazy subject line?

WHAT?! Did I really just say you should stop doing your best in school?

Yes, I did…and I mean it, whether you’re a student or an educator.

Check out this four-minute and two-second video for the full scoop on what I mean and why I’m saying this!

Are you jumping for joy? Can you see how this might save you from spinning out in stress and expending energy doing all the unnecessary, fancy stuff you may think you need to do?

Do you think focusing on the purpose behind your next action will help you be more effective and efficient…and get good grades? Are you willing to test it out?

Comment below or send me an email at gretchen@gretchenwegner.com and let me know your thoughts on this.

Have a wonderful new school year!
Gretchen “Controversy” Wegner

P.S. Want to check out that Action Guide I mentioned so you can be more purposeful in your studying? Get your copy here! www.gretchenwegner.com/actionguide