School is starting again, and the transition can be tough. Amidst all the visible and obvious changes happening–like setting alarms to wake up early, packing lunches, fitting all the school activities into family life, and oh, yeah, homework–there can be some invisible things that need to change, as well.

In today’s video I share an insight from my nephew about one very important, yet invisible, change he realized he needs to make now that he’s back in school. I’m wondering if you need to make this change and adopt a new habit, too? Watch the video below to find out!

But before we dive into the video, here are two AWESOME start-of-the-school year events happening in the next week. It’s going to be a HARD year and, parents, I want you to have as much support as you need, especially if you parent a complex kiddo.

Check out The Executive Function Online Summit (starts on Friday) and a Back to School Webinar from the Impact Parents Team. They’re both FREE and powerful!

And now, on to the video: 

So, whaddya’ think? Would this simple daily habit help you do better in school right from the start of the semester?

Wanna’ try an experiment and test it out? When is the right time for you to remind yourself to turn on your brain? How will you remind yourself to do it?

I’d LOVE it if you’d send me the results of your experiment–including how it felt to make this change and how easy or challenging you found it to be! Comment below or send me an email at and let me know.

Your mindset mentor,