If you’ve been keeping up with my summer video series where I’ve been examining what anti-boring means alongside several other words I’ve been learning more about and building into my business…this is the video that helps pull it all together!

At least, it starts to pull it all together, because I’m learning in public with these videos and really doing my thinking with and in front of you. That means, there might be holes in my thought process and in the model I’m building.

And that’s where I need your help!

I’d love it if you’d watch my seven-minute and 44-second video to help me check my thinking. Does the framework I’m using make sense? What is my model missing?

Help me out and watch the video here:

What do you think? Is anything missing from the science, systems theory, or student lens sections of the model? What questions do you have about what I’m doing? Are there questions I should be asking that I’m not seeing? Send me a message at officewiz@gretchenwegner.com and tell me your thoughts!

I have so appreciated your company on this journey of summer exploration! You make this work fun and worthwhile.

I hope you’re making the most of summer!

See you next week!

P.S. Still don’t know what the heck The Consent Burger is? I promise, you want to! Check it out for yourself here.