Have you been following along with my summer video series where I’ve been unpacking some of the words I use regularly in my business…along with some new words I’m just beginning to use?

Last week we talked about de-stressifying school by de-centering dominant culture. This week we’re talking another big concept: de-stressifying school by de-colonizing school.

What the heck does that mean? Watch my six-minute and eight-second video to see me practice explaining what I think it might mean…

Remember, all of this is new for me, too, and it’s super valuable for me to talk about these concepts in public. THANK YOU for letting me practice and for going on this journey with me!

Check out the video here:

What do YOU think colonizer mentality looks like? And, how do you see colonizer culture happening in schooling? What would de-colonizing schooling look like, and would it lead to de-stressification for students, teachers, or parents?

I would truly love to hear from you on this! Send me your thoughts at gretchen@gretchenwegner.com.

I hope you’re enjoying whatever mental journey you’re on right now!

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