A couple weeks ago, I started looking more deeply at what some of the words I use in my business mean. I started with the word “anti-boring”…which makes sense as I often refer to myself as the Anti-Boring Approach Coach.

Today, I’m taking on another term I use: de-stressify. As an academic life coach, it is super important to me to help make school less stressful for students, parents, and educators. And now I’m beginning to see another reallly big way that adults might be able to help de-stressify school for students.

Please check out this six-minute and five-second video to get a peek at what that way is:

If you’re a student, I’d love to hear whether you think I’m on the right track here. Would de-centering the things on my list make school and your life less stressful? What other things should be on the list?

And if you’re a parent or educator, what are your thoughts? Does the connection I’m drawing make sense to you? How can you start de-centering the things on that list to make school less stressful for your students? And do you think de-centering the things on that list might also make school less stressful for you?

I know…that’s a lot of questions and a pretty heavy topic for summer vacation–but I’d really love to hear from you! Send me a note and let me know how this lands for you.

Your partner in de-stressification,

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