As an academic life coach, I am accustomed to talking with parents about the different, measurable ways in which we might be able to tell if their kids are becoming better students.

But sometimes, progress shows up all on its own in less measurable–but fascinating–ways!

Watch this four-minute and 16-second video to learn more about how this sneaky sign of growth showed up for one of my clients… and then see if you recognize any signs of your own growth!

Watch here:

As a student, can you relate to this? Have you noticed similar ways that you’ve grown as a student?

And, if you’re a parent or teacher, what ways have your student demonstrated their growth, even if that growth isn’t necessarily measurable?

Signs like these point to a student’s self-awareness and ability to direct one’s learning…and they should be celebrated when they show up!

I’d love to hear what signs you’ve noticed, so hit reply and let me know!

Celebrating with you from afar,