Are you carrying around thoughts about yourself that came from the adults in your life? Often, grown-ups think they’re being helpful when they tell us things they think are right about us – but those things can hurt sometimes and influence our decisions, maybe not always for the best.

AND, I’ve come to realize that sometimes the things they say are not true. In fact, sometimes the exact opposite is true.

Got five minutes to watch this video about the three worst things grown-ups told me when I was a teen and how they were absolutely wrong. I hope so because I think it can help you see how the things adults have said about you might be wrong, too!

Watch here:

What do you think? Does this remind you of some of the things adults in your life have said to you?

Can you see ways to tweak their words so they do say something deeply and profoundly true about you?

I hope you’ll send me an email at and let me know what thoughts this video brought up for you.

And with that, I am sending you blessings for being your full, authentic self out in the world!

You got this 🙂