Learning to make effective plans is one of the skills I work a lot on with my students. It’s huge.

But what happens when that great plan you made goes out the window?

This happens a lot! In fact, it happens so often that another big skill you need is how to adjust when obstacles arise and your plan is no longer possible.

Watch this four minute & 35 second video to see what happened to my client today and what she did when she couldn’t follow her plan.

Watch it here:

Would you have made the same choice my client did? Do you see other pathways she could have taken?

And how about you? How do you handle it when something gets in the way of your plans? Do you pivot and adjust, or get frustrated and throw your hands up in the air?

I’d really love to hear about your experience with this…and if you have ideas for how you can remind yourself to look for other options when your original plan fails, please share those, too! Just hit reply and let me know what you’re thinking.

Wishing you smooth sailing (and quick recoveries when needed) this week!

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