One of the frustrating things for students, when they’re learning new skills, is that they don’t always get everything right off the bat. For example, one of my clients is working really hard on her time management skills, and getting quite good at using her tools and systems…but, sometimes she still ends up with late work.

That in itself is stressful, but her stress is actually amplified when her parent sees that she has late work and reacts in a way that adds his own frustration on top of hers.

Does this sound familiar? Want a suggestion for talking to your student in a more helpful, less stressful way about their school performance?

Watch this four minute and twelve second video about how I suggested my client and her dad reframe the conversation around late work.

Check it out here:

(If this link didn’t work, try this one instead!)

What do you think? Will this experiment be a success for my client and her dad? Would something similar work for your family?

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Wishing you a lots of great conversations! See you next week.