Hey there!

No one wants to “get stuck,” but it happens to all of us!

The question is, how long do you let yourself stay stuck trying to figure something out on your own before you shift gears or ask for help?

I think most of us let ourselves stay stuck for too long…for a few different reasons.

Watch this four-minute video to find out:
• what I believe those three reasons are,
• how long I’ve decided is okay for me to stay stuck, and
• the two things you need to do once you realize you’re stuck to make sure you don’t stay stuck too long.

Check it out!

(If you have troubles playing the YouTube video here, try THIS LINK instead)

What’s your call? How long is the right length of time for YOU to stay stuck?

And how have you decided you’ll alert yourself that much time has passed and it’s time to take a different action?

Hit reply and let me know!!! As an academic coach this is fascinating to me, and I’d really love to know about your experience and comfort level with getting stuck.

Wishing you smooth sailing,