Before the new year starts, I thought it might be nice to talk about another strategy you can use when school resumes making studying not only less lonely but also more effective.

Sound good?

Have you tried having a study buddy?

Research has shown that it’s a great idea! AND, you can even do it when you’re distance learning and can’t hang out with your friends IRL!

Watch this video and in less than four minutes you’ll know WHY you should study with a partner at least some of the time, and HOW to use that study buddy time most effectively!

Check it out here:

So, who can you study with and what is the best thing you can do during your study buddy time?

You might even consider beginning your study sessions with both you and your buddy answering the question I wrote on the card in the video, so you can be sure that every single session you are getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Let me know how this works out for you and what you notice!

See you in the new year!

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