The big election yesterday…how are you holding up? I hope you’re finding ways to take care of yourself and maybe even create a distraction or two! Perhaps this blog post might even serve that purpose as we talk about…tests 🙂

Have you ever gotten a test back with a way lower grade on it than you expected? Maybe it’s because you made a dumb decision, like the one my client just made!

I know, I know…adults aren’t supposed to call decisions students make dumb or stupid…but my client agreed that it was a stupid decision after she failed a test and really thought about the reason why.

If you’ve got four minutes to watch my video, I will share her story AND give you a quick, super easy question you can ask yourself before every test…so you don’t make the same mistake my client made!
Listen in:

Want a bonus tip? After you’ve asked yourself the question I shared in the video and come up with your answer, you could share it with your teacher to see if she agrees and has any other ideas you may have missed.

So, what test do you have coming up? When you ask this question, do you find answers you might have missed if you hadn’t asked it? Will it change the way you study for the test?

Hit “reply” and let me know!

Wishing you only good decisions!