I talk about self care a lot with my clients.

Students desperately need to be more intentional about caring for themselves in ways that are invigorating (like getting good sleep) rather than depleting (like playing video games late at night).

Grown-ups also need to pay more attention to how they take care of themselves. It’s so easy for parents, teachers and academic coaches to drop self-care in favor of working harder to take care of their kids.

Recently, my neighbor and I were chatting about one way self-care has changed since the pandemic.

She works in an elementary school in San Francisco, and she and her coworkers were wondering if we’re making a transition from self care to community care?

It’s easier to explain with my voice (I’m SUCH a verbal processor), so check out the video to understand this better.

Maybe you’ll take away a tip or two about how to prioritize your own care this school year, whether you’re a student, parent or educator.

As always, I’d love love love to hear from you! What’s one way you’re going to practice self care or community care this year? Let me know.