Do you have “school trauma“?
I don’t, but I do have “water trauma.” I almost drowned twice; So I’m skittish around water, the same way some students with terrible experiences at school are skittish in their academics!

The problem is, I LOVE water and WISH that I was more comfortable swimming and playing in it. Just like you probably wish you could feel more relaxed, confident, and competent at school, right?

More about that shortly…

First, I want to do a quick shout out to all the folks I met at The Executive Function Online Summit (TEFOS) this past weekend! It’s not too late to watch the recordings if any of you missed it; the speakers were phenomenal, and I learned a ton myself! What you see today is an example of my weekly video tip for students.

In today’s 3-minute video…

You get to see me in snorkel gear, playing in California’s Yuba River. I reflect on how I’m getting myself to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the water and make suggestions about how students could try some similar techniques for being more relaxed and comfortable at school.

(Hint: The secret is incrementally).

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Got an idea about how you can apply incrementally to your school year this year?

I’d love to hear! Hit reply and tell me.


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