Have you noticed that teenagers (and even many of us adults!) have a vague sense of time?

One of my clients recently was feeling the end-of-semester stress mounting. She knew the end was coming, but she didn’t have a sense of exactly when OR what needed to be ACCOMPLISHED by the end.

I did with her what I do with every student (and even the adults I coach in my Launch Your Biz course when they’re feeling stressed about follow-through).

In this short, short video (2 minutes!) I share this crucial habit to get into when you’re nearing the end of a semester or a deadline.

Check it out here:

And now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what it means to “make time visible” at the end of the semester, do you want to learn more about HOW to do it?

If so, I highly recommend diving into one of my Anti-Boring Approach courses. Check them out here.

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