How do you get help in a class where you’re convinced your teacher is a “bad explainer”?

Gretchen walks you through 10 practical tips for things to try first before giving up on getting answers from on your teacher.

The tips include how to:

  • Do your homework and use your resources (textbooks, class notes, classmates, other teachers, google) to supplement what the teacher is teaching
  • Remember that people show up differently in different settings, so just because the teacher seems to be a “bad explainer” in class doesn’t mean that they won’t be a “good explainer” one-on-one
  • Know where you are on the Study Cycle before you get help from when you go to the teacher. Do you need retrieval practice or encoding practice?
  • Build a personal relationship with the teacher so that you know and like each other
  • Make sure you’re choosing the right time to go talk to the teacher so that they have time and space to explain things better
  • And more!

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