Wreck This Journal, Week Eight

So, it’s official. I’m done with Wreck This Journal. For now, at least.

And I won’t be around next Friday for the FINAL POST (I’ll be cavorting with 40 InterPlayers at a retreat on the beaches of North Carolina, poor me).

So, in honor of our time together, here are some final pics of wreckage:

Office Supply page of Wreck This Journal

The paperclips make this page delightfully heavy. I love the “clicking” sound when the pages fall together.

Doodle on the envelope page of Wreck This Journal

Doodle, doodle, I love how relaxed-yet-focused I feel when I doodle.

Waterlogged drawing that I did with the pen in my mouth -- from Wreck This Journal

My roommate Kelly warned me against posting the video of me creating this page. Evidently, the marker in my mouth was (ahem!) a tad suggestive.

Fun with Tearing in my Wreck This Journal

The 3-D spirals were so fun & boingy. Too bad that closing the book squished them.

Blackberry thorns stuck in my Wreck This Journal

Blackberry thorns stuck to the page.

Remnants of Scrubbing the Page in my Wreck This Journal

Scrub, scrub, scrubadub dub.

A page someone else did for me in my Wreck This Journal

Listening to me tell a story, my friend Beandrea captured words in my journal. I wonder what my story was about?

Circles in Wreck This Journal

Circles. Enough said.

Burned Page with coffee grounds from Wreck This Journal

What a walk down memory lane. This burning and grounds-flinging occurred at the very beginning of the Wreck This Journal experience.

Footprint and Wine Stain in my Wreck This Journal

The footprint was made with dirt from Lake Chabot Campground and the wine drips were in celebration of Katherine’s 33rd birthday. What fun memories!

Stain Log That's All Washed Out in my Wreck This Journal

Dunking the book in water got rid of all my beautiful flower stains. This had been my favorite page. Sigh. Letting go…

Where the Poem Used to Be in my Wreck This Journal

Did you know that water dissolves glue? All the words to my poem fell out after I dunked the book in water. It would have been a lesson in letting go, except that I captured the poem on video.

Cover to my Wreck This Journal

Ahhhh, what an experience. I’m so grateful for the community of creative wreckers with whom I’ve spent the summer! I’ve learned so much about perfectionism, destruction, creativity, support, courage, and abandon. Can’t wait to hear what Jamie’s going to have us read for our next book club.

7 thoughts to “Wreck This Journal, Week Eight”

  1. What fun it is to see both pages I hadn’t seen before, as well as revisiting those I clearly remember you doing! It’s been an amazing experience, and I have loved your part in it all. I will NEVER forget that wonderful poem you did, even if the words fall away, I still remember how it made me gasp the first time I saw it. I really like the way you did the “document dinner” page too. Very clever, and yet keeps the ants away 😉

    Have a good retreat, see ya at the next book club.

  2. Great wrecking and letting go. I reiterate your ‘Sigh.’ It will soon be time to let this experience be but a memory.

  3. What an amazing journey. I’m so glad you’ve been on this adventure. I love how the paperclips have added an auditory dimension to your journal. How cool!

    I read about the water and letting go after reading about the bye-bye and the fire truck! Interesting themes showing up here!

    Looking forward to the next adventure, as always!

  4. The beach sounds great! There’s more than one way to abandon the journal or let it go or however you want to phrase it. Interesting to see how many different approaches have come out of this group over the past weeks, both in terms of interpreting the challenges and in personal growth. Thanks for being part of it!

  5. It’s been such a joy to share this journey with you. Thanks for sharing the new and previously done pages. The office supply page is great – 3 dimensional and the cool clicking of the paper clips (I’m imagining). I had liked the stain page,discovering all the different colors the flower petals made.

    Have a wonderful time on the retreat!!

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