This week on The Next Chapter, I learned a TON!

The video explains more, but if you prefer to read, here’s my list:

  • It is possible to braid books.
  • Red flowers actually look purple when you rub them on paper.
  • Carrying scissors, pens, and glue in my purse allows me to be spontaneously destructive…and creative!
  • It feels quite intimate to destroy/create alone. Prior to this week, I had mostly destroyed/created in the company of friends. Both are wonderful — just different.
  • If I cut out all the name-of-people on a book’s acknowledgment’s page, the words that are left reveal the heart of the book.  Or at least, the heart of the author. And, it turns out, my own heart as well.  In the video hear me read a  poem I created from Keri (the author’s) left-over words.
  • Creativity koan of the week:  destructive creativity vs generative creativity.  Similar or different?!

IMG_2244***Fellow Wreckers: Do you notice that a cloud of dust puffs out of your journal whenever it’s opened?! Sheesh!  If I open my book over my keyboard — my typing feels grimy for at least a day.***

If you’re wondering what this is all about: a delightful group of national (and international?) bloggers has joined forces under the Master Destructress herself, Jamie Ridler. Jamie’s got a book club called The Next Chapter, and this summer we’re interacting with the book Wreck This Journal.  To see what wreckage others are doing this week: click here.