Wreck This Journal, Week Four


This week on The Next Chapter, I learned a TON!

The video explains more, but if you prefer to read, here’s my list:

  • It is possible to braid books.
  • Red flowers actually look purple when you rub them on paper.
  • Carrying scissors, pens, and glue in my purse allows me to be spontaneously destructive…and creative!
  • It feels quite intimate to destroy/create alone. Prior to this week, I had mostly destroyed/created in the company of friends. Both are wonderful — just different.
  • If I cut out all the name-of-people on a book’s acknowledgment’s page, the words that are left reveal the heart of the book.  Or at least, the heart of the author. And, it turns out, my own heart as well.  In the video hear me read a  poem I created from Keri (the author’s) left-over words.
  • Creativity koan of the week:  destructive creativity vs generative creativity.  Similar or different?!

IMG_2244***Fellow Wreckers: Do you notice that a cloud of dust puffs out of your journal whenever it’s opened?! Sheesh!  If I open my book over my keyboard — my typing feels grimy for at least a day.***

If you’re wondering what this is all about: a delightful group of national (and international?) bloggers has joined forces under the Master Destructress herself, Jamie Ridler. Jamie’s got a book club called The Next Chapter, and this summer we’re interacting with the book Wreck This Journal.  To see what wreckage others are doing this week: click here.

23 thoughts to “Wreck This Journal, Week Four”

  1. Wonderful! Great! Such lovely ideas. I can’t really say, what I like best of it.
    The petal-stains are so inspiring (got to try that!), but the poem is enchanting! And the braids…cute! Just cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. oooo. the youtube is telling me, much like a magic eight ball, to try again later. sigh. here it is three in the morning and i can’t get no satisfaction.

    want to hear the poem…i love the notion of how you uncovered it.

    a journal with dreads! love it.

  3. Ha! I’m quite concerned that I’m actually growing mould spores in my journal…and yes, I was dribbling dirt from it for a few days after I had dragged it around….:)

  4. OMG! You totally rock. ANd that Poem? Genius.

    I haven’t watched this weeks vlog but I understand it’s about comparison – good timing, cause I am big time envious of how creative you are!

  5. YOU ARE SUPER CREATIVE!!! Everything about your journal is poetry!! I love it…I especially love your stain page. It’s haiku!!

    Peace & Love.

  6. I think that the poem on the back cover really epitomises certainly what I’m learning from this experience. It’s finding creativity in the places you never thought to look before – rubbing dirt in glue, cutting up words from that page just to put them somewhere else as poetry. I also learnt that nature’s colours can be a little ‘tricky’. I rubbed cherry juice into my stain page and it came out blue – how unexpected – it makes great paint too – all this stuff I never knew before and I hope I never forget. Maybe I’ll do a painting soon using just fruit juice! Your poem page really was perfect journal wrecking! Round of applause for Gretchen please!!

  7. I am so impressed with the quality of your video! Nice backdrop today. I am also inspired by your creativity with this journal, even though I have yet to go get it myself. Hope your spirits are feeling lifted today!

  8. Well done! I love the guy with the detached nose and hands. Very cool!

    I also got inspired after checking out your “stains” page. Why did I think the stains had to be smelly? Flowers work…well! I think I’ll find some interesting fruits in the yard (like mangoes or even bananas) and see what I can squeeze out of them.

    Hope you’re feeling better now!

    Have a good weekend!!

  9. I hope you are feeling better by now, but you rocked the video – I could watch it several times 🙂 You have a very nice speaking voice and I enjoyed listening to your poem. Fabulous wreckage!

  10. oh. my. I just love what you’ve been up to, Gretchen. I’m sorry that you’ve been experiencing some sadness this week. me too. But it’s lovely that you were able to develop this gorgeous work even though you were feeling low.

    I absolutely love the poem you created from the acknowledgment page and the flower stains! so creative and beautiful!

  11. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling sad but I am awestruck at the beauty you have created in repsonse to your feelings. What wonderful inventive ideas you have. The poem is especially lovely. YOU WRECK!! Nice koan, too – interesting to ponder. THanks!

  12. destructive – generative – recombinant? I wish I could watch your video and get the poem, but for some reason it’s not loading right for me… anyhoo, thank you for the summary — enjoyed the tremendous variety there!

  13. “It is possible to braid books.” Love it. You did some nice wrecking. The poem of leftover words is a great idea.

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