How to Write Better Answers on Essay Prompts

Do you struggle to write the perfect answer for your essay prompts?

A number of my clients get really stuck when they have to organize their ideas for essays, and they often say a lot without actually answering the question in the prompt.

Recently a client was having this problem, so we worked on a method for making sure that the entire prompt gets answered. Here’s what we came up with:

What experiences do you have strengthening your answers to essay prompts? Are there other issues with writing essays that confound you (or your teen)?

I’d love to hear from you. Just comment below

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How to Stay Awake While Reading

Is fighting to stay awake while reading a problem for you (or your teen)?

Based on my experience as an academic life coach for students, you are definitely not alone!

The other day, a client asked me how I managed to stay awake while reading. I was so inspired by what we came up with that I quickly made this video. I hope it’s helpful to you!


Got any questions? Concerns? Brainstorms? I’d love to hear them!

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A Simple Way to Write Papers More Efficiently

Does it take you a long time to organize your ideas when writing an essay?

Recently, a client tackled his writing process, and I thought it would be helpful for others to hear what we came up with. Check out this video!


Got any other ideas about writing more efficiently? Or questions? I’d love to hear from you, and I may even answer your question at length on the College Prep Podcast!

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How to Skim a Book

Have you ever fallen behind in your reading for a class?

No matter what level of schooling my clients are, they ALL want to learn how to read more efficiently. One of the secrets is to learn how to let go of needing to read every word — in other words: skim!

Here’s a trick I teach, that’s especially appreciated by my grad school clients:

What experiences do you have skimming books? Do you have additional tricks? Or specific struggles? I’d love to hear from you.

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Stop Letting Anxiety and Intimidation Ruin Your Grades

Is anxiety a problem for you, especially when talking to teachers?

I’m consistently amazed by how reluctant my clients are to reach out to their teachers when they become confused about something.

Today’s video is relevant if you are a teacher AND if you’re a student who is too intimidated to ask teachers questions:

Teachers, how do you make it easier for students to feel comfortable reaching out to you? Students, what additional tricks do you have for getting up the guts to talk to teachers? I’d love to hear from both of you!

Feel free to ask questions as well, and I may just tackle it on the College Prep Podcast.

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How to Get the Most From Working with An Academic Coach

Do you want to make sure you get your money’s worth when working with me (or any other academic life coach)?

Recently a client blew me away with how organized she was at the beginning of our session, and I wanted to share what she did with you.

Even if you don’t currently work with a coach, the tip is just as relevant for how to talk to your teachers (or your boss, for that matter). Check it out:

Got any other tips for how to get the most from the people who help you? I’d love to hear any ideas…or any questions!

Simply reply to this email or post on YouTube or on the blog.

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How to Ask Your Professors for Help

What’s your biggest fear about asking a professor for help?

One of my clients worries that his teacher is going to make fun of him; another is concerned that she’ll feel humiliated.

During today’s video, I share about what happened when a client pushed through her fear and asked for help anyway.

Do you have any success stories? Please share, as students all over the world need to have their own fears reassured.

Also, if you have an example of a fear that you believe is justified, tell me that too!

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Are You Intimidated by (at least) One of Your Teachers?

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.14.24 PM

Are you (or your student) intimidated by a teacher, which is creating a problem for you?

I deal with this on a weekly basis during my academic coaching sessions with clients.The other day, a client struggled with how to deal with this.

I was so inspired by what we came up with that I quickly made this video. I hope it’s helpful to you! Got any questions? Concerns? Brainstorms? I’d love to hear them! Comment on the blog

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Pick the Easiest Essay Prompt… or the Most Interesting One?

When your teacher lets you choose which essay prompt to write about, do you go for the easy one?

Often my high school clients will ask me to help them choose which essay prompt to write about. They often ask, “Which one do you think is the easiest?” and I often ask them in return, “Which one is the most interesting one to you?”

Recently, a client and I had this exchange about how to choose an essay prompt:

How do you decide which essay prompt to write about? I’d love to hear. Feel free to ask me a question, too, if this is a subject that’s challenging for you. Comment Below

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How to Have Time to Study and Relax on Vacation

I hope you’re enjoying your time off, and aren’t secretly stressed out because of homework and/or studying that needs to be done!

Recently, a client and I chatted about how to have time for work AND fun over the holidays, and I thought I’d pass along the good ideas that came up in our session:

Once you watch the video, I’d love to hear from you: how do you balance your studying with having fun?

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