How Not to Waste Your Time in College

Have you ever worried about how well you (or your teen!) will handle all that free time in college?

It can be a harsh transition to move from the structured nature of high school to the unstructured days of college.

A college client of mine was struggling with her tendency to to accidentally spend hours and hours of time watching TV and online, and so we came up with the following plan:


How do you handle open-ended time without losing your productivity? Got any favorite tricks? I’d love to hear them, comment below!

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How to Stop Sleeping In

Is snoozing the alarm clock a problem for you? How about sleeping in all together?

I deal with this on a weekly basis during my academic coaching sessions with clients, especially with students in college and grad school who don’t have parents around to make sure they get out of bed.

Do you struggle with your relationship to your alarm clock? Have you found some creative ways to get yourself going in the morning? I’d love to hear. Comment below

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Tired of Making Detailed Plans But Not Taking Action?

Do you ever make a great, detailed plan… which you then promptly ignore?
I’m queen of this! Some of my teenage clients will often cite this as their reason not to do any planning in the first place: “But if I don’t follow the plan, I’ll get mad at myself, so I’d rather not make plans in the first place.”

The subject of “to plan or not to plan” came up in a recent session with a client, and so I thought I’d share my reflections with you.

What’s your experience with following through with plans? Got any wisdom to share or need any advice? Please post them on the blog below

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What To Do When You’re Stressing About Homework

Does doing homework stress you (or your teen) out?

I don’t know of *anyone* who loves homework: parents, teachers, or students. Yet we all have to deal with it!

Although I can’t totally take the stress out of homework for anyone, a client and I recently discussed a different way to *think* about homework. Check it out here:

If you got in the habit of thinking about homework in this way, how would it change your experience of your work?

I’d love to hear from you…. including any questions you have! We may just tackle your question on the College Prep Podcast. Comment Below

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A Giant Fear That Makes Students Unnecessarily Stuck

Is talking or confronting your teacher a problem for you (or your teen)?

This is one of the most common problems my clients encounter — whether they are in 6th grade or grad school!

The other day, a client and I chatted about how to work with this fear of talking to people in authority. Here’s a little glimpse into what we chatted about:

How do you handle fears that come up around talking to people in authority? Got any questions? Concerns? Brainstorms? I’d love to hear them!

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Stop Making This Mistake When You Write in Your Planner

Planners: students love them or hate them. Which one are you?

I try to make sure that all clients who work with me have some method of what I call “making time visible,” even if you’re the type who hates planners.

However, there is a common mistake students make when they write their assignments down, and I rant about it this video:

Got any other ideas about alternative words to use in your planner in place of “study”? Or questions? I’d love to hear from you.

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How to Write Better Answers on Essay Prompts

Do you struggle to write the perfect answer for your essay prompts?

A number of my clients get really stuck when they have to organize their ideas for essays, and they often say a lot without actually answering the question in the prompt.

Recently a client was having this problem, so we worked on a method for making sure that the entire prompt gets answered. Here’s what we came up with:

What experiences do you have strengthening your answers to essay prompts? Are there other issues with writing essays that confound you (or your teen)?

I’d love to hear from you. Just comment below

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How to Stay Awake While Reading

Is fighting to stay awake while reading a problem for you (or your teen)?

Based on my experience as an academic life coach for students, you are definitely not alone!

The other day, a client asked me how I managed to stay awake while reading. I was so inspired by what we came up with that I quickly made this video. I hope it’s helpful to you!


Got any questions? Concerns? Brainstorms? I’d love to hear them!

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A Simple Way to Write Papers More Efficiently

Does it take you a long time to organize your ideas when writing an essay?

Recently, a client tackled his writing process, and I thought it would be helpful for others to hear what we came up with. Check out this video!


Got any other ideas about writing more efficiently? Or questions? I’d love to hear from you, and I may even answer your question at length on the College Prep Podcast!

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How to Skim a Book

Have you ever fallen behind in your reading for a class?

No matter what level of schooling my clients are, they ALL want to learn how to read more efficiently. One of the secrets is to learn how to let go of needing to read every word — in other words: skim!

Here’s a trick I teach, that’s especially appreciated by my grad school clients:

What experiences do you have skimming books? Do you have additional tricks? Or specific struggles? I’d love to hear from you.

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