Are you having trouble thinking? Is your brain weirdly mushy right now, during this strange Corona Virus Pandemic?

In my staff meeting on Tuesday morning, my assistant asked, “Is anyone else feeling like it’s hard to THINK?!”

Yes!!! For sure!! And I know why, too. I proceeded to give her my favorite fist-sized “mini-lecture” about why it’s so hard to think when emotions are high, and what to do to help.

Here is that explanation, along with what to do to help yourself think better. Also, I’ll share a few initial reflections about what I’m noticing as I watch how schools across the country are coping with the new distance learning protocols, and how students and parents are impacted.

It’s a chock-full six minutes, and I hope it helps.

Sending you lots of love! We’re all in this together, and that means a LOT.