Last week I shared a story about a client with ADHD who is exhausted when she gets home from school.

This story prompted me to do a little research. I gave her the advice to take a walk in nature, but was that the right advice? What else do experts recommend to help “restore” a brain that has been trying to pay attention all day?

I stumbled across something I hadn’t heard about before — Attention Restoration Theory. I found it fascinating and decided that I need to make a series of videos all about what I learned.

So here’s the first one! I’ll share a bit about this theory, including the 4 states that people move through as they try to restore their fatigued attention.
Check it out!

Now that you’ve watched it, what do you think? Do you identify with needing to move through all those stages to get your attentional energy back? Is there a way to “fast track” your recovery and ability to pay attention? I’m so curious what you think. Hit reply and let me know.

P.S. If you’re curious about the article I found, here it is.