Today’s tips is more for parents and educators than for students… though as always, teens, I invite you to listen in!

Grown ups: Have you noticed that the language we use when talking to teens (or or anyone really!) about their habits and behaviors can result in the other person being triggered and defensive… or open and curious?

I used to (and still do use) the word “commit” at the end of my sessions with students. As in “what habits do you want to commit to this week?”
However, I notice that I myself don’t love the word commit. It feels so serious, almost dangerous like I’m setting myself up for failure. Instead, there are three words I’m playing around with using instead (and in fact, I just used one of them in this sentence).

Check out this short video! If you don’t have time to watch the full 3 minutes, you’ll see those three words written on the whiteboard I hold up:

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