What’s the biggest lie students end up telling themselves? “I’ll do it later!”

So many of my clients tell themselves that lie so that they can feel better in the moment about not doing their work. But how many truly do end up doing their work later? Many do (though it’s incredibly stressful because they do it last minute), but many students with learning differences don’t end up doing it later. It just falls off their radar until someone (a parent or a coach) freaks out about the zeroes in their online grading system.

Last Spring a client and I tackled this little lie by trying to find a self-talk tweak that they could tell themselves instead. In this video, I share with you several options for what this junior in high school could tell himself instead… and I critique each one. We finally land on a thought that I believe is the most likely to help him beat procrastinate (and stop lying to himself about his future behavior).

Check out this 4-minute video where I summarize our conversation in detail!

Here’s the whiteboard from this video:

Do you have any other ideas of thoughts you could tell yourself instead of “I’ll do it later”? Run them by me! I’d love to hear.