How to Stay Awake in a Boring Class!

Do you ever find yourself sleeping in class? Or struggling NOT to sleep?

Ugh. It’s the worst feeling. A client of mine was recently accused by his math teacher of sleeping in class. We spent part of our session discussing the cause, and what he might do about it.

Check out the video:


Check out the list of 5 clear ways to keep those eyes open, body moving, and attention alert when in a boring class:


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2 thoughts to “How to Stay Awake in a Boring Class!”

  1. I was glad you mentioned fidget toys (though not spinners). I’ve researched fidget spinners with my psychology classes and although there is scant evidence of them helping people focus (even those with attention issues) this is one benefit they and I agree on. I usually carry 2 spinners on me at most times and they have helped me and others stay awake in meetings. I say others because I carry metal or “executive” spinners and on more than one occasion I’ve dropped in a meeting. :o)

  2. While taking notes, I draw a star by any item that gets repeated. (Repeated 3 times…3 stars)
    I sip on COLD water.
    Interact with the instructor if possible.

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